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Feb 28-Mar 1 OKS State Championship

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Feb 28-Mar 1 OKS State Championship

The Aquatic Club of Enid (ACE) began in 1974 and has produced many great swimmers through its history. In 2018 the team was revitalized with the hiring of Head Coach Samuel Stewart to provide direction and leadership. Coach Stewart had previously coached for the Denny Price YMCA Water Rockets swim team..

Under Coach Stewart, ACE has already seen profound success! Its swimmers have achieved national attention. ACE has produced two State Champions, eight Sectional Qualifiers, four Sectional A Finalists, two Jr. National Qualifiers, and two Scholastic All-Americans.

ACE swimmers have attended the TYR Elite Meet, TYR Pro Swim Series, Speedo Jr National Championships, and ISCA Jr National Championships. The Aquatic Club of Enid is committed to developing competitive swimmers of all ages that excel in the pool, in the community, and in life.

Athlete Spotlight

Name: Asa Stewart
Age: 18

Asa has been a member of the Aquatic Club of Enid for six years. He is known for his ability to have outstanding performances in the breastroke, especially in the 100 meter distance. Asa has competed on the national stage twice at The Speedo Jr National Championships where his best placing is 51st in the 100 and 72nd in the 200. Being a swimmer on ACE is a little different for Asa since his brother is the head coach. this might seem to some as a bad thing but Asa noted that he loves having his brother as a coach and feels like he is a better swimmer because of it.
When asked what his biggest disappointment in his career was he stated that it was at a state championship “I accidentally false started at state and fell off the starting block right into the pool! That was so embarrassing, and I was not able to compete in the event.”
When asked who his favorite athlete was, Asa was quick to respond: “Michael Phelps, because he is an extremely talented man and has the best mental attitude. He overcame a drug and alcohol addiction and became the greatest athlete of all time. He is truly an inspiration to others.”

All Time Best Performers by Event

Men's 50 Freestyle Men's 100 Freestyle
Men's 200 Freestyle Men's 500 Freestyle
Men's 1000 Freestyle Men's 1650 Freestyle
Men's 100 Backstroke Men's 200 Backstroke
Men's 100 Breastroke Men's 200 Breastroke
Men's 100 Butterfly Men's 200 Butterfly
Men's 200 IM Men's 400 IM
Women's 50 Freestyle Women's 100 Freestyle
Women's 200 Freestyle Women's 500 Freestyle
Women's 1000 Freestyle Women's 1650 Freestyle
Women's 100 Backstroke Women's 200 Backstroke
Women's 100 Breastroke Women's 200 Breastroke
Women's 100 Butterfly Women's 200 Butterfly
Women's 200 IM Women's 400 IM

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